Spaces offer you the flexibility to translate your business structure into separate environments or sections within your Kadanza installation. Spaces are often used to make a clear distinction between sub-brands, business facets, products, regional content, and so on. Each space can have its own navigation structure and branding, Asset categories, Layout templates, etc. 

When your organization has multiple spaces, you can use the Launchpad to navigate to each space. Check your Kadanza plan to see how many spaces you may create.

  • Create new space: use this button to create a new space within your organization
    • Space name*: enter the name you’d like to assign to this space
    • Access*: assign groups that are allowed to access this space. If you want it to be available for all users, select All users
    • Upload space image: use a recognizable image for your space
    • Favicon (coming soon)
      • By ticking the checkbox, Use the image as a favicon, your image will also be used as a favicon (a small 16×16 pixel icon used to brand your website and help visitors locate your page more easily when they have multiple tabs open in their browser)
      • You can also upload your own favicon rather than reusing the Space image
    • Cancel: click cancel if you don’t wish to complete the space creation process
    • Create space: click this button if you want to create your space
  • Edit: click the Edit button (with the pencil icon) to update an already existing space
  • More actions: the button with the three dots (…) gives you some extra actions relating to your space:
    • Launch space: navigate to the selected space
    • Duplicate: you can duplicate an already existing space, so you don’t have to start from scratch (coming soon)
    • Delete: use this button if you wish to permanently remove your space (coming soon)
  • Global pages: umbrella pages used across all spaces, like 404, etc. (coming soon)

Launch space or organization

There are multiple ways to launch a space:

  • From the admin console: Navigate to Spaces, click the three dots '…' on your space, and select Launch Space
  • From your profile avatar: Click your profile avatar in the top right corner, select My Account and navigate to My Organizations, then click Launch to launch your organization
  • Go to button: Next to your profile avatar, there is also a button that directs you to your last launched space or launchpad

Default content

When configuring a new space, you will notice that it already contains certain content. The purpose of this content is to guide you, or other users managing your Kadanza installation, through the different elements to consider when documenting a brand.

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