Page editor

Before accessing the page editor you need to navigate to launch space first. Then, as an admin, you can easily edit pages in the page editor by clicking the pencil button in the bottom right corner of your window:

When entering the editor mode you will see some toolbars appear:

  • Top menu
  • Editor menu
  • Page

All the changes that you are making will instantly become visible on the page itself. Once you click Save & Publish, your changes will go live. The screen above gives you an idea of how it looks when you’re in the editor mode.

Top menu

From left to right:

  • Undo: Erases the last change made to the page.
  • Redo: Reverses the undo or advances the buffer to a more recent state.
  • Close: Leave the editor mode without saving your changes.
  • Save & Publish: Save and publish the changes made so they will go live.

Editor menu

From top to bottom:

  • Page editor: Gives you the page tree and the possibility to perform actions like:
    • Add new pages
    • Rearrange and edit pages
    • Set permissions
    • Duplicate
  • Component editor: This allows you to customize every type of component that you can add to pages.


This is a preview of the actual page that you’re editing in editor mode. You can add, edit and remove components on a page.

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