The elements can be added to your installation to provide the desired content to your stakeholders. Keep in mind that there is a hierarchy between certain components so not every combination will work. For example, you can place an Image element in a Layout element but it is not possible to place another Layout element in there.

  • Paragraph: A regular block of text
  • Headline 1: Main headline
  • Headline 2: Secondary headline
  • Headline 3: Tertiary headline
  • Lead text: An introductory type of text that looks different from the body text often used to start an article with
  • Link: An element that links to an internal or external source or email address
  • Image: A visual element like a picture, drawing, or icon
  • Layout: Used to create columns with content
  • Divider: Simple dividing line to separate components
  • Card: An element that can be used to create visual short links to other sections in your installation
  • File download: An attribute that initiates a downloaded when clicked on
  • Main navigation bar: A fixed, horizontal interface element that consists of links
  • Color: Use to describe colors
  • Dos & don’ts: What users should and should not do in a given situation
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