Export profiles

You can use these handy profiles to convert your original assets into a different file type or size.

  • Image conversions: This allows you to create another file type, a low-res version, or a file for a specific application like PowerPoint, for example.
  • Cropping conversions: This allows you to create a conversion profile that crops an image with a predefined aspect ratio or allows the user to crop the image freely.

Both types of export profiles are listed under the same columns that show the following properties of that profile:

  • ID: A unique ID for every profile.
  • Name: The name that was given to the profile.
  • Source type: Different source types can be entered here, for example, JPG with all variations (jpg, jpeg, jpe, jfif, jif). The * represents all source types.
  • Destination type: Into what file type the original one needs to be converted. With *, no file type conversion is made.
  • Status: The current status of the profile.

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