All the tags in the Assets extension are managed on this page. You can create, rename, replace and delete tags available for the user. The Assets extension can also be configured so that the front-end user can only choose tags from a predefined set of tags. This is the place to manage that set.

  • New tag: Click this button to create one or more tags at the same time. This can be done in a comma-separated manner.
  • Search bar: Easily search for tags by entering a query.

Managing your tags

You can rename, replace, show in assets or delete existing tags:

  • Rename: Once a tag is renamed, it will be changed on every asset on which the tag is used
  • Replace: You can enter a new (or already existing) tag that will be used to replace the tag on every asset on which it is used. You can also divide long tags into individual tags (e.g., the tag ‘promotion tour’ can be replaced by the tags 'promotion' and ‘tour’) (coming soon).
  • Show in Assets: This shows a list of assets that carry that tag (coming soon).
  • Delete: Keep in mind that it is also possible to delete tags that are in use. When deleted, the tag is removed from every asset on which it was used (this action cannot be undone).
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