Creating an account

Don’t already have a Kadanza account and really want one? You’re in the right place! Just click here and choose the right plan that you want to start with. Please make sure to choose the plan that you need. This way you'll not miss any functionalities specific to that plan.

  • First name: Enter your first name here.
  • Last name: Enter your last name here.
  • Email: Enter the email address that you’re going to use for your Kadanza account.
  • Password: Enter a password that is strong.

    We recommend using a password generator to give you a helping hand. Just make sure you keep it to yourself and don’t share it with anyone. A strong password is long and includes numbers, upper and lower-case letters, and special characters (€, @ ,# , ?, etc.). By clicking the little icon, you can show your password.

  • Terms checkbox: When signing up, you’ll need to put a check in this box, to show you agree with Kadanza’s terms of service and privacy policy.
    • Terms of service: Click on the terms of service link to learn more about Kadanza’s terms of service.
    • Privacy policy: Click on the privacy policy link to learn more about Kadanza’s privacy policy.
  • Kadanza email updates: By ticking this optional checkbox, you automatically subscribe to our newsletter with the email address used for your Kadanza account. You are not obliged to tick the box, however, we’d be sad for you to miss out on our latest updates, releases, and lots of other exciting things!
  • Sign up: You’re almost there. Click Sign up to create your Kadanza account!
  • Log in: If you already have a Kadanza account, you can click the Login link and enter your credentials.

Check your email

Once you’ve completed the form and hit  Sign up, you’ll be directed to a screen that tells you to check your mail. Take a look at your inbox and, if you don’t see anything, check your spam folder.

Still no mail in the box? Click the  I did not receive an email link on the page in your browser.

The final step before entering the world of Kadanza is to verify your email address. Click the  Verify your email address button and check your mailbox.

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