Creating pages & documents

Users can choose from existing templates in the Kadanza platform. This ensures a consistent visual style and production quality when users export documents for personal use.

When you’re in the "Edit" section, you can create new pages/documents that are based on pre-made templates.

  1. Click on "Pages" right after the plus sign on the top left
  2. Click on "Add"
  3. Select the template you want to start from
  4. Give your document a name
  5. Start editing

You can also create a document and choose to edit it later. It will be available in your document list.

Overall, you can easily change everything on the Page from images to font sizes. However, custom fonts are not supported currently. We’ll keep you updated once the custom fonts are supported!

Don’t forget to check our release notes for all the updates. 

When you are done editing you have the option to export or publish your document.

What is the difference between exporting and publishing?

  • Export: Our system generates a file for you to download most of the time in the form of an image (jpeg, png, ...) or PDF file. This export is configurable by the system admin.
  • Publishing: Sending your document to a print partner. This publishing functionality has to be configured by the system admin.
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