We always value customer feedback

Your feedback will help us to grow and address your needs as much as possible. After discussing your feedback internally, we'll always come back to you with an explanation and future steps. So, we encourage you to provide us with feedback. 

All you need to do is email your Customer Success Manager with a similar message like the following for us to understand it better:

  •  if it is related to the platform

"As an [admin or end-user] from [your company name], I'd like to have [the feature you want to have within the platform] because [the value you'll get from that feature]..." *

  • general feedback (e.g. related to the Knowledge Base)

"As an [admin or end-user] from [your company name], I'd like to see [the thing you want to see about Kadanza] because [it'll help you with...]..." *

*Of course, you can add more information if needed. 

What's Going to Happen After Sending Your Feedback? 

Your CSM will check the feedback, discuss it internally if it is general feedback, and inform you about the following steps. However, if the feedback is related to the platform, the following actions will be taken:

  1. CSM informs the Product Team
  2. Product team
    1. discusses the feedback*
    2. checks the possible solutions
    3. validates it
    4. prioritizes
  3. CSM informs you about the outcome
  4. Launch

*we might contact you if more input is needed.

Please keep in mind that we always consider your feedback, but it is not possible to put it all into action and you'll always be informed by us about the outcome. 

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