Permission management

Permissions are configured on user group categories. To explain the permission inheritance, we use the following example:

Category structure

  • Campaigns
    • Summer2021
      • PDF
      • PSD

User groups

  • Admin
  • Design
  • Marketing


  • Add asset
  • View asset (can be specified per file type)
  • Edit asset
  • Delete asset
  • Download original asset (makes it possible to allow and block specific user groups to download the original asset

Example configuration

Step 1: No permissions configured

When no permissions are set, nobody has access to the category, so be sure to always select at least one user group.

Step 2: Base configuration

The category Campaigns has the following permissions:

  • Add asset: Admin
  • View asset: Admin, Design, Marketing
  • Edit asset: Admin
  • Delete asset: Admin
  • Download original the asset: Admin, Design, Marketing

This means that a user in the Admin user group can perform all actions on a category. The Design and Marketing user group will be limited to viewing and downloading the assets in this category.

When a child category has no specific permissions configured, permissions will be inherited from the parent category. So, for example, the Campaigns/Summer2021/PDF category will have the same permissions as the Campaigns category.

Step 3: Overwriting base configuration

Currently, only users from the Admin user group can add assets to the categories under Campaigns. For Summer2021, you want to grant the Design user group access to the PSD category. The following configuration is added to Campaigns/Summer2021/PSD:

  • Add asset: Admin, Design
  • View asset: Admin
  • Edit asset: Admin, Design
  • Delete asset: Admin, Design
  • Download original the asset: Admin

This means that the Admin user group still has full control and the Design user group can now add, edit, and delete assets. The Marketing user group will have no access to this category.

Step 4: Inheritance

When no permissions are added to a specific category, the system will use the parent permissions by default. At the moment, 2 categories are configured with user permissions. The following assumptions are being made:

  • Campaigns will not inherit
  • Campaigns/Summer2021 will inherit from Campaigns
  • Campaigns/Summer2021/PDF will inherit from Campaigns
  • Campaigns/Summer2021/PSD will not inherit, as its specific permissions have been configured.
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