Make an account

Making a Kadanza account is so easy. All you need to do is go to Kadanza pricing and follow the steps. 

If you want to have the Pro subscription model, you can contact us to discuss the possibilities and pricing. Once you fill in the form and submit it, we'll be in contact with you. 

Please make sure to choose the subscription plan that fits your organization to benefit from all the features. After that follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your plan and click "Let's go!"
  2. Then, a new page will open where you need to click on "Click Here to Create Your Account"
  3. You can choose to sign up with your Google account or fill in the information below:
    1. enter your name properly for us to call your name right
    2. entering the work email is important for permission-related questions
    3. we strongly suggest using a password generator to have a strong password 
    4. to continue, you have to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy
    5. please check the "I want updates from Kadanza through email" option as well to be always up to date
    6. click on "Sign up"
  4. You'll receive an email to verify your email address and continue the setup (please check your spam folder as well)
  5. There are 4 onboarding steps that you need to follow carefully
    1. Let's set up your account: Please make sure to enter all the information correctly because it is not possible to change them afterward.
    2. Select your plan: We suggest choosing the plan that you're interested in to start using all the features of Kadanza that you'd like. You don't need to enter any card details since the first month is free for you to test the platform. Later on, you can enter the card details and start paying for the platform if you want to. Also, you can change your subscription model once you start using the platform. 
    3. Let's add a bit of branding: These are the basics for your branding that need to be added, but you also have the option to skip this step to add later.  
    4. Please make sure to enter the following information correctly for us to serve you better:
  6. You'll receive an email once your account is ready and when you click on 'Launch Kadanza', you can start using the platform. 

Enjoy using the platform and let us know if you need any support.

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