Changing the view of the Asset page with Entry Points

You can create several Asset pages with different views. It means that every main or sub-page will show different assets based on your configuration.

For example, let’s say that you created the main page called “Media library” and added several sub-pages such as “Photography”, “Video”, and “Logo” as shown below.

When you click on the logo, you’d like to see only the logos instead of all the assets you have. To configure it you need to be sure that your assets are in the correct categories. For example, all your logos are under the “Logo” category. When you’re sure about it, you need to go to the “Entry Points” from the Assets extension.

Let’s create a new “Entry Point” and call it “Kadanza logo's” since we want to show logos on one of the Asset pages.

Now, you need to choose the right category. Above you see that “Kadanza Demo” is the parent category and “Logo” is the child category. You only want to see logos that’s why you need to unselect all other categories except the logo and click on “Save changes” at the bottom right.

After saving changes, you need to click on the “Entry Points” again to see the ID of it.

Now, it is time to go to the Assets page where you’d like to change the view. For us, it is “Logo”. Then, go to the Editor mode to make the changes. When you choose an Assets page, the “configure assets page” option on the top left becomes available. Click on it and choose the right Entry point. After these steps, you’ll only see the logos when you click on the sub-page, Logo.

Please keep in mind that adding more sub-pages than main pages will give you a clear and organized Main Navigation menu.

Here is the video explanation:

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