Using content elements effectively

You can add several content elements to the blank or pre-branded pages. When you click on an empty part of the page in the Editor mode, the “+” sign will be visible on the top left. You can choose all the available options there. However, we’ll show some best practices below.

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Using layouts

Add different layouts to create sections on the pages. When you add one layout and click inside the box, you can add other content elements if you’d like to. For example, content, images, videos, and so on.

Image examples

Content example

Adding banners

Create edge-to-edge content for engaging pages. It allows you to incorporate graphical elements like background colors or images. There are many possibilities depending on your specific needs.

Use it to highlight important text and titles at the top of the page or as a footer or in-page content element. By combining the banner component with other components, you can have many options, such as showing Figma designs in a wider view and working with several columns by adding a layout component.

Using cards

Using them will create more visuality for your branding pages and point them out more. Add card content element, choose your image/gif and manage your options. You can add links to direct them to one of your brand guidelines like logo and color.

You can benefit from the layout content element if you’d like to have a view like the one below. First, add layouts, and then choose the view of the layout.

If you want, you can add more content to the cards by unhiding the subtitle from the card options.

As cards can contains different lengths of text, it could be visually appealing to make the cards equally high when they are used in a layout element.

To make the cards equally high, you first need to "stretch" the Layout columns in which the card are used. This can be done in the Layout element settings

Once the columns are stretched, you can set the card to use the full height of the column in which it is placed.

Using color component

This element helps present your colors to the users to be on brand all time. For example, you can classify them by primary and secondary colors.

Managing the colors is also easy. You can choose what to include and what not. After that, you just need to enter the information that you want to display.

Adding videos

You can add several videos to your brand guidelines to share with the users. These videos need to be hosted by an external platform such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion. When you add the “Embed video” content element to your page, you can paste the link to the video.

This is useful if you have some explanatory videos that you’d like to share with users such as “How to use your Kadanza installation” and “How to tag?”.

Add your Figma designs

You can share your stunning graphics and illustrations with your users by choosing “Embed Figma” and adding the link to your design. Please keep in mind that the design will be visible to people who can view it.

If you don’t have access to view the design, you’ll see something like below. You can either log in to another account or request access from the file owner to view the design.

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