Using related assets

The "related assets" feature allows you to add similar assets and makes it easy to find them. This option is automatically included in your metadata scheme, and admins can configure or disable it from the Admin Console, accessible from the metadata page of the Assets extension. Also, additional configuration options are available on the "Configure assets" page, as shown below.

We think that the view of all the related assets can be useful for several cases, such as:

  • Connecting the images of people with some legal documents
  • Organizing similar assets to make it easier to find them

You can directly click on one of the images that are listed below and navigate. In this case, when you click on the image in the middle, you’ll get to see a view like the following:

The connection between assets is maintained, allowing you to view the previous image under the related assets section. To add related assets to an image, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure that the "Related assets" metadata is enabled. You can verify this by accessing the Admin Console, navigating to your Assets extension, and clicking on the Metadata option
  2. Go to your Media Library and locate the specific image to which you want to add related assets
  3. Open the context menu (usually represented by three dots) associated with the image and select the "Edit" option
  4. Within the edit interface, you will find the "Related assets" field. To view the dropdown menu, enter at least three characters
  5. Start typing and select the desired related assets from the dropdown menu. You can add multiple related assets by repeating this step.

The best practice is to enter the Asset ID there. It can be easily found in the Info section of the Asset (see the screenshot above). We also suggest that you open another tab where you can check other Assets and get the Asset ID. 

When you save the changes, you’ll automatically see the related assets. Overall, that’ll help you to save time to find similar images even though they are under the same category. Related assets will improve the collection of similar images within one Asset view. 

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