The use of auto-tagging

It is important to tag your assets in a structured way and we know how tagging can be frustrating from time to time. That’s why we’re presenting the Auto-tagging option thanks to AI. You can use it while or after uploading assets. If you prefer it after, you need to click on “Edit”. Later you can choose one of the languages that are provided and click on “Generate tags” to see the list.

Some tags will be automatically added based on the image you choose. It’ll also show the percentage based on relativity and then, you can remove some tags. Just please keep in mind that AI will suggest some general tags that will represent the asset the best.

Some examples

Aside from that, it is also beneficial to tag the people in the images. It is useful if you want to use a specific person's asset, and if that person leaves the company, you can quickly search for their name and delete all assets associated with that person.

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