Selecting Multiple Assets

Sometimes you want to act on more than one asset. Use one of the following tips to quickly add more assets to your active selection.

Making a selection

Simply click the checkbox at the top left of an asset thumbnail to select it. This will trigger the selection mode.

When you are in selection mode you can click anywhere on an asset thumbnail to add it to your selection. Certain actions will also appear in the toolbar above your assets.

De/select all visible assets

The toolbar has a checkbox that lets you select all assets that are visible and loaded on the page. When using this checkbox a counter will show the number of assets in your current selection.

Unchecking the quick select box can also be used to deselect all the assets in your current selection.

Shift+Click selection (Command + Click for Mac users)

Sometimes you want to make a large selection of assets, but you don't want to select every file on the page. In this case, Shift+Click is useful.

  1. Select the first asset you want to select
  2. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard
  3. Click the last asset you want to add to your selection
  4. All files between those two files will be selected
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