Uploading Assets

Uploading assets is an easy process with just a few steps. First, you need to go to ‘Media Libray’ to follow the steps below.

1. Upload

Click on the ‘upload file(s)’ and add assets in two ways:

  • Drag files from your computer and drop them in the gray box (we call this a 'drop zone')
  • Use the blue 'Browse' button and select files on your computer

Once the files have been added they will need some time to upload to the servers. Every asset has a progress bar to indicate its upload progress. Please keep in mind that you can upload up to 100 files at once. If you want to delete an asset before continuing just click the 'x' icon on the top right of the asset.

When all the assets are done uploading you can continue to the next step!

2. Categorize

In this step, you will decide which categories your asset belongs to. It's really important to note that every asset has to be part of at least one category. If you don't select a category you will not be able to continue the upload process.

Simply select the categories by using the 'Add Categories' action. Your selection is listed below and will be applied to all the assets in your current upload process. The categories can be changed later (when editing an asset), but we strongly advise you to select the right categories from the start to avoid confusion.

Want to delete a category before continuing? Simply click the 'X' icon next to the category name.

Once you are done, you can move to the next step!

3. Add metadata

In the final step, you will be able to add metadata to your assets. This can be done for a single file or all uploaded files.

What is metadata?

Metadata contains extra information about your assets. Try to enter as much relevant information as you can because the more you describe the asset the easier it is for other users to find it using our search function.

You can fill in the below information:

  • Tags
  • File title
  • Caption
  • Description
  • Creator
  • Publisher
  • Copyright
  • Identifier Key (SKU)
  • Publish date
  • Expiration date
  • Related assets
  • Note

In addition to this, you can add a custom thumbnail and choose the file properties on the left. 

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