Search Basics

Use the search bar next to the category chooser to find assets. When the text you enter matches existing tags or categories we will show you suggestions. Clicking a suggestion will add it to the search field.

Want to be more specific about what to include or exclude from your search query? You can refine your input using one of these words capitalized.

  • AND: Narrows the search - combines search terms so that each search result contains all of the terms.
  • NOT: Excludes from the search - The first term is searched, all terms after NOT are excluded from the search result
  • OR: Broadens the search - combines search terms so that each search result contains at least one of the terms.

The search bar looks in all the metadata fields to bring op results. Our advanced search lets you be more specific and lets you search for individual metadata properties.

Advanced Search

Create complex search queries to find metadata information attached to files. Every metadata type that is linked to your assets is searchable. 

  • Search in multiple categories at the same time
  • Files that have certain tags
  • Files uploaded and last edited by a certain person
  • Find files with a specific filetype
  • Images with a specific resolution
  • Orientation (portrait, landscape, square)
  • ...
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