Your organization

  • Name: Once set up you can no longer change this setting.
  • Website address: Once set up you can no longer change this setting.


  • Logo: First you need to delete your existing logo to add a new one and it is suggested to use a square image with JPG or PNG extension no larger than 1 MB via drag & drop or by browsing your device. The logo will be used in the website header, emails, and utility pages.
  • Primary color: The primary color will be used for buttons, links, general highlight colors, and other attributes that do not have a customer color assigned. Not sure what the Hex value of your primary color is? Use a tool like Convert A Color to convert your color into the right Hex value.
  • Typography: This is your primary text font and will only be applied to components that don’t have a custom font selected. 
  • Roundness: This setting defines the radius applied to components that don’t have a custom corner radius. There are 4 different settings, ranging from sharp corners to very rounded ones.

Login page

This is the page to visit when you want to log in to your Kadanza installation. Below you will find all of the settings that you can configure for this page.


Title text: Here you can change the text that is used as the headline on the page.

Additional message

  • Enable additional message: Toggle this button to enable/disable the additional message on your login page.
  • Message: This optional field allows you to display an additional message on the login page.


Drag & drop to upload or browse up to 4 images (JPG or PNG extension no larger than 5 MB) to display on the login page. Images will be shown randomly next to the login sidebar on each visit.

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