Introduction to Assets

The Kadanza Assets extension is your one-stop-shop for all your digital assets. Assets support a wide array of export profiles and formats, predefined sizes, and custom crops. It is a centralized environment where all your digital assets are stored, organized, and managed, saving you time by reducing requests to your stakeholders. This powerful extension comes with a handy dashboard to keep track of your assets.

Uploading Assets

There are different ways of uploading them and for Kadanza the following uploading options are available:

  • one by one: you can drag a file from your computer and drop them in the gray box (we call this a 'drop zone') or use the blue 'Browse' button and select a file on your computer.
  • bulk: the same process as one by one, but you can also choose up to 100 files to upload at once.
  • bulk import via the back office: this is used for uploading a large number of assets where you need to provide the assets via secure File Transfer Program (sFTP) and add metadata.

In the process of uploading files, Kadanza gives you the chance to add categories and metadata to your asset as shown below:

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