This page gives you a clear overview of the general Assets statistics, giving you a better understanding of the behavior of those who are using the Assets extension.

Left pie chart: Gives you a brief overview of the total disk space usage and on what file types it’s being used:

  • Originals: The original files that were initially uploaded. These are usually the heaviest, and therefore normally the largest piece of the pie.
  • Previews: An optimized version of the asset that is used as a thumbnail and preview (to boost performance and reduce load times).
  • Export: These are the assets extracted for the Assets extension in different conversion profiles besides the originals.
  • Import: The assets that were imported through the admin console.

Right pie chart: Gives you a concise overview of the total number of assets and their status:

  • Active: Assets that are visible to everyone with View asset permissions.
  • Inactive: Assets that followed the upload process but were not finalized (these are automatically deleted every night).
  • Deleted: Soft-deleted assets that can still be recovered.

Activity: Gives you a brief overview of all the activities:

  • Assets creations: The number of all the created assets by users for that space. 
  • Assets downloads: The number of all the downloaded assets by users for that space. 
  • Popular assets: Most used assets.
  • Top categories: Most used categories.
  • Top downloaders: The name of users that downloads more assets. 
  • Search history: Specifies what things are searched more by users. 
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