Entry points

One or more categories can be bundled into a group of categories to create what is called an "Entry Point". Such an entry point can be used on a webpage to show a specific set of assets. In other words, this allows you to create different Assets pages, each with a specific set of related categories.

Creating an entry point is very simple.

  • Go to the Assets extension in the Admin console and select “Entry Points”
  • Click “New Entry Point” at the top of the page
  • Create a name for your entry point in the modal. After that, the detail page will open
  • Select the categories you want to include in your entry point
  • If needed, deselect “Automatically add all (future) child categories” (see below)
  • Click “Save”

“Automatically add all (future) child categories”

Keep in mind that when you create a category, it is not automatically shown in the front-end. The visibility in the front-end depends on whether or not the category is included in the entry point that you are using on the Assets page. And this is where the option “Automatically add all (future) child categories” comes in handy.

When checked, all child categories of the selected category are added to the category group. When new child categories are created after the entry point was created, these will automatically be added to the entry point as well.

If you create new parent categories, make sure you update the entry point you are using on the Assets page so the newly created category (and possible child categories) are visible on the Assets page.

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