This page offers you a general overview of some key installation statistics and usage information.

Total users: Gives you the number of Active and Inactive users of that installation.

  • Active users: Users that still have access to the installation.
  • Suspended users: Users that no longer have access to the installation.

Total pages: The total number of pages across all of the workspaces that relate to your organization.

  • Number of spaces: The number of spaces that the pages are distributed to.

Storage: A colorful bar highlighting how much disk space is being used and what for.

  • Assets data: all assets and rendered video data
  • LM data: all Chili docs,  assets, and rendered pdf files (during TTL)
  • Core data: database data only

Admins: The total number of admins you currently have and are allowed to have within the current plan

If you need more storage, you can always add more storage to your plan. All you need to do is contact your Customer Success Manager.

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