Admin tasks

Admins or administrators have a large set of permissions and responsibilities. As an admin, you can add and manage the users and user profiles of your installation(s), as well as the permissions for each user profile. Defining your permission scheme is a very important task because it defines what your users are allowed to see and do in the installations that they have access to. This has an immediate impact on data security and the proper usage of your assets.

You also have the power to set the look and feel of the portal and decide how visitors navigate through it. Setting up the page structure, adding different content to each page, and cross-linking pages to each other. To make sure that the user experience is as pleasant as possible for each user profile.

The Admin console also gives you access to various statistical data that is automatically generated. You can monitor all this data and gain valuable insights into the process.

Below is an overview of some basic admin tasks:

  • Managing users
  • Setting permissions
  • Adding a component
  • Styling a component
  • Adding a brand template
  • Adding and deleting categories
  • Adding and editing a folder
  • Custom metadata schemes
  • Adding and editing a page
  • Adding and editing a link page
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