Beginner's guide

Kadanza is your one-stop scalable SaaS brand platform, designed and developed by brand & identity experts. With Kadanza, branding guidelines, assets and documents are easily managed and shared. 

Whether you’re a brand owner, a creative, or a problem solver within your organization with your very own branded Content Management System (CMS) you’ll get everyone on-brand.

Here, we'll explain our core features and provide you with some steps to let you keep up and running with Kadanza in a short time.

Kadanza Core

All of the Kadanza functionalities revolve around Kadanza Core, a personalized and branded Content Management System (CMS). It can be used by internal and external users, to share brand guidelines, and host strategic background information. Kadanza is a powerful platform that presents the right content to the right user at the right time to ensure that your brand is followed accordingly.

  • Document your brand strategy
  • Share visual identity guidelines
  • Create custom workflows
  • Enhance user engagement
  • Manage permissions and more!

We have the following elements on the pages:

  • Launchpad menu: A list of all the spaces you have
  • Logo: The space's logo (usually the brand logo)
  • Main navigation: Allowing easy navigation to the different sections in the installation
  • Avatar: Click here to visit and edit your profile
  • Editor mode: Edit the page content and configure the component elements


Kadanza lets you easily activate extensions, such as Assets and Layouts, to add extra functionality to your installation and get the most out of it. Provide brand assets and templates to activate your brand across as many channels as possible.


Kadanza supports different components, each with its own unique properties to provide the content most efficiently and match your brand guidelines. Components are found on pages as described in the Interface section above.


Thanks to Kadanza, individual stakeholders enjoy rapid access to relevant brand information. The information required can vary, depending on whether you’re an employee, an external agency, or a freelancer. Kadanza can be tailored very specifically for each role.

Steps to let you keep up and running with Kadanza in a short time

  1. Start with adding your brand guidelines to the platform. You can use our brand templates to start with and configure the pages. It is important to define your page tree based on your needs.
  2. Create some user groups. Invite users to Kadanza and assign them to at least one of the user groups.
  3. Create categories to group your assets.
  4. Upload, download, and share your assets. You can add the category and metadata while uploading the asset and edit them later if you'd like to. 
  5. Define your Entry Points and set your Export profiles.
  6. If you want to try out the Layouts extension, please contact us. 

If you have any questions, you can always contact our Customer Success Manager or send a support email. 

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