Permissions are used to control and regulate access to specific Kadanza components and functions. They are assigned to user groups by admins, meaning that permissions apply to the members of that user group.

Core (CMS)

Permissions in the Kadanza Core are pretty straightforward. You can define whether a user in a given user group is allowed to access pages and components on those pages.

By adding one or more user groups to a page or component, all users from those groups will have access to the content. By default, a page always has the user group  All users (every user is a member of this group) assigned to it so everyone can see the content when no other permissions are present.

Once access rights have been established on a page, all subpages will inherit the same access rights. When additional access rights are required, these can be easily added to the page.

Besides Kadanza Core and its components, other extensions, such as Assets and Layouts, also come with their own permission settings. Keep in mind that since these extensions are placed on a page, the user permissions assigned to such pages will affect the visibility of the extension. By aligning the permission settings for the visibility of pages, content elements, and extensions, you can create a single and smart permission scheme.

Assets (DAM)

The Kadanza Assets extension can be configured on pages in the Kadanza Core. Meaning that we can add permissions on both the page and the extension itself. Within the Assets extension, we can also add permissions to categories. For example, you’re only allowed to see approved assets or download a specific file type.

Subcategories will inherit the permissions from their parent category unless different permissions are set on a subcategory. You can also decide to have different permissions for each category.

Layouts (templates)

Permissions in the Kadanza Layouts are also based on user groups. By combining user groups, permission schemes can be created for:

  • Document visibility
  • Transferring documents between editors
  • Download or export options
  • Document approval workflows
  • Print partner connections
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