When you're in edit mode, you see the following icons on the top left. When you click on the last icon, you can edit your components and make them customized. 

When you click anywhere on the page, the "+" icon that you see on the top will be activated so you can start adding the following components to provide the desired content to your stakeholders. 

  • Main Navigation Bar: A fixed, horizontal interface element that consists of links*
  • Submenu Navigation: A dropdown list for the main navigation bar where you can change the menu background, links, and buttons
  • Paragraph: A regular block of text
  • Headline 1: Main headline
  • Headline 2: Secondary headline
  • Headline 3: Tertiary headline
  • Lead text: An introductory type of text that looks different from the body text often used to start an article with
  • Ordered List: Or a numbered list that the ordering is given by a numbering scheme such as decimal, alpha, and roman
  • Unordered List: Or a bulleted list that the order of the listed items doesn't matter. It can be specified with a disc, circle, and square
  • Links: An element that links to an internal or external source or email address
  • Image: A visual element like a picture, drawing, or icon
  • Card: An element that can be used to create visual short links to other sections in your installation
  • Color: Use to describe colors
  • Button: Usually a box-shaped computer icon that initiates a specific software function where you can add links
  • Divider: Simple dividing line to separate components
  • Embedded video: Video links from Vimeo, YouTube, Figma, and Dailymotion can be added

*Please make sure to upload your logo in SVG for better quality.

Keep in mind that there is a hierarchy between certain components so not every combination will work. For example, you can place an Image element in a Layout element but it is not possible to place another Layout element in there.

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