Brand guidelines

When you start with your Kadanza platform, there'll be a page called brand guidelines. It is a page created by us as an example to inspire you so feel free to add, change, move or delete these pages and their contents. This is updated by the admin of your platform based on the brand guidelines of your company. 

The page can be configured in the Editor mode. When you click on the pencil on the bottom right, you'll have two options on the top left: Add & manage pages and configure content elements

The following content is usually added to the brand guidelines:

  • brand story,
  • tone of voice,
  • logo instructions,
  • typography,
  • color, and much more!

So, it is an easy source of finding the brand guidelines of your company. You don't need to ask others and wait for an answer. All you need should be listed there, and if you're missing information, we encourage you to ask your admin to update the page. 

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