Adding a folder

In the editor mode, admins can create folders. Folders contain child pages. Folders are visible as navigation items for users. No content can be placed in the folder, it can only contain pages.

  1. Go into the editor mode
  2. Click on the page editor button
  3. Click "+" and select Folder
  4. An empty folder is added at the top of the page tree

Editing a folder

When in the page editor, click the '…' button at the end of the folder name to open the folder menu:

  • Folder settings: Change the general and visibility settings of the folder
  • Delete: Delete the folder
  • Add page: Create a blank page within the folder
  • Add folder: Create an empty folder within the existing one
  • Add Assets page: Add a new Assets page under the new folder, manage the page settings and/or delete the page

There are 3 types of folder settings:

  • General
    • Navigation name: The name of the folder that will appear in the navigation menu.

  • Access
    • You can set specific permissions for each folder. Access rights are by default inherited from their parent folder (or space), using the same user groups. You can overwrite this by selecting specific user groups for this folder.

    • Access rights: Configure who is allowed to access this page.
      Inherit user group(s) from parent
      Select specific user group(s)

  • Visibility
    • Allows you to hide or unhide the folder despite the user rights of the people

Please keep in mind that we only allow 4 levels of navigation structure within pages.

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