Asset statuses

Each status has its own visual indication label, except for the active status, which has none. By setting up detailed permission management, admins can meticulously define which user group can see the asset status in any category. This allows admins to create detailed approval flows. Depending on the assets' settings, the status can be one of the following:

  • Active: Assets that are visible to everyone with View asset permissions for that status (this status has no label)
  • Scheduled: Assets with a publication date in the future (labeled in yellow)
  • Expired: Assets with an expiration date in the past (labeled in grey)
  • Approval needed: Assets that need to be reviewed and either approved or rejected. Once approved, the status is changed to active (labeled in orange)
  • Rejected: Assets that are not approved (labeled in red)

Statuses help to manage the lifecycle of assets and are a result of certain parameters that are present during the configuration of the assets. Depending on your access rights, it is possible that you are not allowed to see every asset in every status.

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