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The Kadanza Assets extension has some powerful search functionalities that you can use to find the assets that you are looking for in no time. The search bar is located above the first row of assets and looks something like this:

It has 2 main options:

  1. Search in the current category and all of its child categories
  2. Advanced search

1. Search in the current category

Enter a string in this free text field to conduct your search. The field provides an autocomplete function for:

  • All tags that are available for the user
  • All categories that are available for the user based on the permissions

The number of matching assets is shown based on the entered value. For example,  5 assets were found for "wine".

Clicking on a tag or category from the available suggestions:

  • Tag: All the assets will be shown for the selected tag.
  • Category: This action is the same as when a user clicks on a category from the "Category" dropdown. The assets are loaded for the selected category, and the category breadcrumb is also updated.

General search

A general search is performed when the user searches for example for  "logo cup". The system will try to find assets based on the query string "logo cup" and for all the fields which are defined as "include in all". Also, partial matches like assets with “cupcakes” in their title are included in the results

2. Advanced search

The second option is the  Advanced search which provides the user with a visual tool to create and perform accurate search inquiries:

From top to bottom and left to right:

  • Tags: Search for a specific tag or multiple tags
  • Categories: Search within a specific category or multiple categories
  • File type: Select the desired file types to search for
  • Resolution: Select the resolution you wish to search
  • Colorspace: Select the colorspace you are looking for
  • Orientation: Select the orientation of the asset you are looking for
  • Dimensions: You can define the dimensions for both width and height here
  • Properties: Select the right properties
  • Status: Select the asset statuses that you are looking for
  • Uploaded on: You can specify the date(s) when an asset was uploaded
  • Uploaded by: Searches for the person who initially uploaded the asset
  • Updated on: You can specify the date(s) when an asset was updated
  • Updated by: Searches for the person who updated the asset
  • Publish date: You can specify the date(s) when an asset was published
  • Expiration date: You can specify the date(s) when an asset will expire or expired
  • Other metadata: All the other metadata fields are also searchable
  • Custom metadata: If you have custom metadata schemes configured, these custom attributes will also be shown here

Click  "Search" to find the asset(s) that you are looking for

Boolean search

You can combine any of the asset’s metadata in your search with the AND, OR, and NOT operators to refine your results:

  • AND: Narrow down the search. For example, New York AND Bike (the result will only show you assets that have both these two keywords attached to them).
  • OR: Broaden your search. For example, New York OR Chicago (the result will show assets with keywords from both New York and Chicago).
  • NOT: Exclude certain keywords from your search. For example, NOT New York (the result will show all images that have nothing to do with New York).

To refine your search result even more.

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