Asset view modes

There are two ways to view an asset:

  1. In the page overview
  2. In detail view when clicking on a single asset

1. Overview

Underneath the checkbox, you’ll see all of the assets that you’re allowed to see within a specific category.

  • Checkbox: This allows you to select the asset.
  • Thumbnail: Shows a preview of the asset.
  • Title: The title of the asset.
  • File type: The file type is shown in the color-coded label.
  • Color profile: General color profile of the asset if applicable.
  • DPI: This acronym stands for Dots Per Inch and has to do with the resolution of the asset.
  • Orientation: Landscape or portrait if applicable.
  • Dimensions: Dimensions of the asset if applicable.
  • File size: The file size of the asset.
  • Export profiles: Predefined and/or freeform conversions that can be generated from this dropdown menu on the fly.
  • Download: Download the asset in the selected profile if applicable.
  • Add to collection: Save this asset to a collection.
  • Extra actions: This button contains some additional actions that you can perform with the asset.
    • Edit
    • Share
    • Upload a new version
    • Version history
    • Duplicate file
    • Delete

2. Detail view

When you click on a single asset it will open in detail view mode and you will notice there is some overlap with the general asset overview. The most important information about the asset is displayed at the top of the window. Underneath this information you can find all of the other metadata that is attached to this asset, neatly organized under the following tabs:

  • Info
  • EXIF
  • IPTC
  • Stats
  • Notes
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